How we work

We want facts

We are skeptical, not to say allergic

about untested assumptions and unchallenged intuition. We always want to see the facts before drawing conclusions. The good news is that most companies nowadays have lots of data. But these data are not always easily accessible. We work with advanced tools to quickly analyze large amounts of data to get the relevant information on the table with reasonable effort. Because we know from experience that this always produces valuable and often surprising new business insights.

Here and now

Immediate action & visible results

Long-term objectives are key to set the overall direction and ambition, but step-change improvement starts with immediate concrete actions and visible results. We strongly emphasize these near-term improvements. Which also ensures that our clients get a quick pay-back of our fees.


Promises are easy

Over the past 15 years, we have learned valuable lessons about what works and what doesn’t. This has made us a bit conservative and reality-checking has become our second nature. We always make sure that the plans we develop are feasible in light of the company’s situation and market conditions.

Show me the money

Experts in financial modeling

No healthy company without a healthy bottom line. We are very skilled at modeling the financial impact of business-development initiatives. Ranging from operational improvement to major acquisitions and greenfield new-business projects.

Pragmatic and efficient

Clients choose us

because we are practical and down-to-earth. And that is exactly what we want. We don’t want to waste our clients’ time and we cannot afford to waste our own time either. We do not employ junior consultants to assist us and do all the work ourselves. Building on our experience, we strongly focus on the things that need to be done without unnecessary diversions.

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