Manufacturing footprint

A global chemical business operating in a mature market. Eroding margins due to volume pressure and supplier consolidation. In Europe alone, the company has 4 plants. At the request of the CEO, we developed various alternative scenarios for the European manufacturing set-up, including closure of one or more plants and re-allocation of production volumes across the plants.

Meat processing

Blood red results

A major slaughterhouse sees its performance deteriorating rapidly. Persistent quality issues resulting in price pressure and declining volume. And to make matters worse, efficiency slipping away due to equipment problems. With little time left, we worked with the management team to explore possible solutions. Immediate restructuring initiatives were initiated to buy time while options to join a strategic partner were explored.


Market segmentation for growth

Automotive business with stagnating sales and loss of market-share. We were engaged to review alternative approaches for market segmentation as a basis for renewed growth and recovery of market share.

Industrial parts

Acquisition in China

For a supplier of industrial parts, we prepared an acquisition in China. The preparation included a.o. a strategic assessment, valuation as a basis for negotiations and finally a post-acquisition business plan.

Food ingredients

Growth in times of crisis

A multinational supplier of food ingredients faced with capacity and raw material shortage as a result of soaring demand. We helped to develop business plans to capture these growth opportunities and address the major bottlenecks. This included prioritizing & selecting growth opportunities, identifying and aligning the necessary resources and preparing critical investment decisions.

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In many different sectors

Clients and stakeholders tell us that our combination of commercial analysis (market trends, company position & perspectives) and financial analysis (in-depth review of historic and future cash flows) is rather unique and provides a strong basis for decision making & financial restructuring if needed. Increasingly we are asked to deliver management support in realizing the envisaged changes.

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