Ten Cate Protective Fabrics EMEA

Ten Cate Protective Fabrics EMEA is part of Royal Ten Cate and produces fire-retardant fabrics for protective clothing. In this competitive market, the company had not been living up to its potential. Lebrowsky was asked to support the Managing Director to assess the improvement potential and develop a concrete plan to maximize performance. Based on a thorough market analysis in combination with customer interviews, we quickly found that there was significant growth potential provided a step-change in operational performance could be achieved. This cleared the way for much-needed investments and other initiatives to reduce costs, improve quality and service and free-up commercial resources for growth.


Redstar is one of the leading tomato growers in The Netherlands. Retailers expect ever more variety, better quality and improved service while international competition is gaining ground. As a result, a focused commercial approach and a matching supply-chain strategy with ongoing increases in scale are required.  With support of Lebrowsky, a comprehensive business plan was developed in less than 3 months clarifying the market position and commercial approach and setting clear targets for growth and capacity expansion. Including a detailed financial forecast, this business plan provides the basis for determined execution and for effective communication with investors and other stakeholders.


IOB is a mid-size engineering company, with a broad portfolio of services. Due to lagging results, Lebrowsky was hired to execute a quick scan and come up with radical improvement ideas.  Using the available company data (ERP), we gained thorough and new insights in the company’s performance within two weeks. In combination with customer feedback (interviews) the picture became clear and together with the management team radical improvement plans were developed and expeditiously executed. The result: immediate and radical profit improvement!


Dimension-Polyant is the world’s leading producer of sailcloth. The company was severely hit by the financial crisis due to a sharp drop in demand. In 2012, we developed a plan with the company’s management to bring the business back to profitability through focusing on the core. Loss-making products were eliminated, non-core activities were divested and channel conflicts were resolved.
Since then, profitability has improved spectacularly. Last year, we supported the transition from the precious shareholders Gilde and Parcom to new owner Sioen

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